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Here you can find “NEWS” (well mostly news from 20 to 50 years OLD ) and overview of main updates of our pages. Let us know to if you wish to be informed about future web updates…

Fall 2022 / Fall 1977 – Sad anniversary, but it’s part of our Windsurfing and Wildwater history. Vaclav Jindrák & Jiří Koudela, canoe racers and windsurf pioneers, died during the GANGA ’77 expedition – the first descent attempt of Alaknanda /upper Ganga/ river🌊. My windsurf club TATRA held the Czechoslovak championships regattas for their memory in eighties. Everybody knew their names, not a full story…
This summer, Petr Jindrak has touched the sail # CZ 111 of his father for the first time during our Oldschool windsurfing cup 2022. It was a very special, sad and happy moment 😓🤗. Keep in touch and help us save memories & our heritage, friends 🤙
📷 1977: Mladá Fronta, original article by Jaromír Štětina .
📷 2022: Zuzana Ružbatská

25.7. 2022 On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympics, in which OUR Lechner also participated, new LECHNER – Barcelona- 1992 page has been added to the catalogue of boards.

1.7. 2022 More then 100 pics from the Old school windsurfing cup 2022 added. Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the 2nd Meeting and race of the last century sailboards organised by Windy Point and Windsurfing Museum Prague – the biggest vintage sailboard event in Central Europe.

17.6.2022 II. HB Regata, 26.6. 1992, Lipno page was added with the unique original pics from the Helena Štěpánska archives. The Czechoslovak championships sponsored by HB company was visited by Pete Cabrinha and Natalie Lelievre.

7.5. 2022 Windsurfing Museum Prague is OPEN again in new location. The permanent exhibition is installed in a Baroque granary within the charming Stránov Chateau complex, Central Bohemia, Europe.

17.3. 2022 Old sailboards at the chateau page was added informing about our new permanent exhibition on Stranov Chateau. WS EUROPEANS 1979 – Kiel pages updated.

5.2. 2022 The Greatest Board page updated! You´ ll find 20 boards from TOP 45 “pre 2000” listed in BOARD mag 2007 survey in our museum collection

17. 1. 2022  Thanks page updated!

1. 2. 2020 web was born