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Operation “Flying Arrow” 2022 – Our most logistically complex mission (to date). The purchase and delivery of rare Dutch wooden jumpboard (I guess from 1982-3 year).

Operation start: 2022-10-25. 19:55
1) Rob’s reminder of the ad and board reservation
2) Schato’s purchasing & transport from Musselkanaal
3) Schato’s transport to Bart’s store
4) Bart’s storage & excellent packaging (note the Fragile sign 😉
5) The Arrow landed Safely in Prague on 2022-12-16

To be continued in 2023 (transport to museum site, fotoshooting and arrangement in the exposition)… Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Rob Tiddens , Schato Franswa, Bart van Heesch , Kristýna Suchánková –

Original ad on published on 18. August 2022.

We don´ t have any info about the board history and it´ s construction, but here are the details from very similar board built by Jorgen Sandig in 1983. I´ d guess our Flying Arrow can look similar inside… (pics from Old School Windsurfers group).

Documentation / Dokumentace:
Jorgen Sandig, VTM magazine (1980), Bart van Heesch and Old School Windsurfers group members.

Aktualizováno 17.12.2022