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The Best Of Both Worlds” – MW-Five GAASTRA was introduced in 1993 and produced till 1996. Don Montague further pushed his and Pete Cabrinha´´ s “HEAT WAVE” sail design that surprised the world in 1992. “A wave slalom sail, that combines enough power to get you up and planning…” … a wave sail for big guys – designed for Anders with 85 kg live weight but also promoted in brochures by Robby.
Looking So COOL! No one has used such verticla paralel windows before* 🙂

Plachta GAASTRA MW5 – wave plachta s dostatečným výkonem i pro velké kluky … navržená Donem Montague pro Anderse Bringdala. Design vycházel z plachty HEAT WAVE – hitu roku 1992. “Téměř svislá rovnoběžná okénka” takto nikdo předtím nepoužil. MW5 byly v nabídce pro sezóny 1993 až 1996.

Robby Naish and MW-Five on the cover of Gaastra cat ´93.
HEAT WAVE” – older, more radical and more famous bro, was introduced in 1992. Its dynamic design with reinforced windows was a big surprise /at least for us/.

Dokumentace / Documentation:
Special thanks for Gaastra catalogues from Rostislav Ružbatský archives, now @ windsurfingmuseumprague
Thanks for pics to: Lucchini Daniele, Mitch Rotermund, Jeroen Klein / Jason Polakow, Christian Watters, Paolo Conte Sergio Caspar, Jorge Baroso and Bart van Hesch.

*) Later I´´ ve found a sail with similar window design – RushWind_Wave (?), any info appreciated.