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In the original BOARDS magazine survey in 2007 nearly 1000 people voted and each was allowed to vote for 5 boards. There were 45 pre-2000 board models listed in TOP 100.
Windsurfingmuseumprague has enhanced the 2007 poll on it´s FB pages and Oldschool Windsurfers pages.  Here is the original TOP 100 chart and new comments. Enjoy, it´s only game, but we like it. Send us your proposals and votes in comment or via e-mail (I will add them here; unfortunately it is impossible to allow comments here because of spams)
Aloha from windsurfingmuseumprague!

The Greatest Oldschool Board of all time
(according to BOARDS magazíne 3/2007)

1 – Mistral Screamer (1. oldschool )*
5 – Fanatic Bee (2)*
6 – Mistral Flow (3)
7 – F2 Sputnik (4)*
8 – BIC Astro Rock (5)
10 – F2 Axxis (6)
12 – Sunset Slalom (7)*
14 – Tiga Wave (8)
16 – AHD Free Diamond (9)
17 – BIC Electric Rock (10)
21 – Windsurfer Original (11 / 1. longboard)*
24 – BIC Hard Rock (12)
24 – F2 Ride (13)
24 – F2 Xantos (14)*
28 – Mistral Diamond head (15)*
28 – Mistral Electron (16)
28 – Starboard GO (17)
34 – Bic Veloce (18-21)
34 – F2 Comet *
34 – F2 Phoenix
34 – Mistral Edge
39 – F2 Bullet (22-25)
39 – F2 Lightning (2. – 3. longboard) *
39 – Fanatic Mega Cat (2. -3. longboard)
39 – JP Wave*
53 – Alpha 130 (26-37)
53 – BIC Mamba
53 – Copello 265
53 – F2 Starlit
53 – Fanatic Racy Cat*
53 – HiFly Magnum
53 – Mistral Competition SST *
53 – Mistral Explosion *
53 – Mistral Stinger
53 – Mistral Superlight*
53 – Sailboard masterclass
53 – Ten cate TC39*
72 – Tiga LWR & SLR (38-44)
72 – Mistral Malibu *
72 – Mistral IMCO *
72 – Mistral Echo
72 – Mistral Equipe II *
72 – Fanatic Rabbit *
72 – Fanatic Boa

72 – AHD Maxxride *

*)  These 20 boards from 45 “pre 2000” you can touch @ windsurfingmuseumprague (2/2022)

The original TOP 100 – complete list (c) BOARDS 2007

The comments and votes to the windsurfingmuseumprague web and FB post

3/2021 Cats wrote: “…. All old school boards I have to admit…..
1 –  Mistral Screamer 277 (no other board comes even close, the master in flat and choppy conditions, happy in tight or wider jibes, fast and controlable,  an absolut beauty, always brings a smile to your face, even today)
2 – 5   depending on wind and condition:  Mistral Shredder (medium wind in diverse conditions), Mistral Stinger (strong wind on flat water), Tiga 260 Slalom (when wind turns into an Orkan and the sea into a monster)  and the Ten Cate original Windsurfer (to honor those who created this fabulous sport – plus trick surfing, as rail riding and head dips and all the crazy things which followed from there on)”.


Peter Hallas:
Mistral screamer
Mistral Malibu
Original windsurfer
Bic Astro
Mistral superlight

Geert-Jan Muskens:
1. Fanatic Hot Rat
2. Windsurfer
3. Mistral Equipe
4. Klepper 272
5. Bic Show

Eddie Marsh:
1. Windsurfer OD
2. Mistral Diamond Head
3. AHD 310
4. Mistral Superlight
5. F2 Sputnik

Carol Naish: Almost all of the mistral boards were designed by Rick Naish and Harold Ige

Maximilian von Gregor: Richard Greene Rocker #4…… all the pros used it for years

Paul Havinga: Ten Cate Fury !

Jarosław Huzarski:
1. Gun Thunder 145.
2. Kona One.
3. Kona 9,5
4. F2 Stoke 125.
5. F2 Stoke 96.

Vjeko Orlandini: .. sunset slalom and sunset race. F2 sunset slalom was in production for 10 years! if not mistaken. Possibly longest period shortboard stayed in production…

Andrew George Borg: There are other boards that were produced by companies not around anymore that were excellent like the Sailboard Masterclass 295 that was a beautiful design and not included here. But to rank boards is something totally subjective unless you are going …

Graeme Saxby: The Chapter 298 was up there with the F2 Bullet which sold thousands , but the Chapter was designed by a kiwi.. John Brookbanks i believe. – much under rated.

Sandrine Stefan: No doubt F2 Sunset Slalom

Antonio Arrigo: Don’t miss in chart Drops FL10 and RRD Monster, best innovative boards in 90ies

Jeroen Klein: No Klepper 272, Hifly Extreme275, F2 sunset not in the top 10?
1. F2 Sunset
2. Mistral Competition
3. Windsurfer
4. Tiga 270
5. Bic Astro

Thierry Coutand: Difficult to rank all kinds of boards in the same way. What were the criteria for this ranking?

Mark van Osch: Fanatic Mega Cat, my all time favorite!

Luke Meyers: I’m not surprised with the top 5. My families windsurfing shop Sailboard Headquarters sold lots of Screamers, Techno’s in particular. With the techno being one of the first affordable wide style boards.

Yakir Azulay: Where is Naish/mistral naishe 97/98 wave 8,7 ? One of the fastest all around board!!!!!

For me was the best 90s’ board!!!

Jim Crossley: Very mistral heavy.

Okke van Mourik: I agree on no.1, still using my Mistral Screamer with so much pleasure

Hans Schuttert:
JP wave 255
F2 sputnik 265 jump & jibe
Fanatic shark 291
Bic Saxo 253
F2 revolution

Filippo Maria: The RRD 266 convertible… A innovative Board

John Langvall:
Davidson DII carbon/honeycomb
Windsurfer original
Mistral Competition
Lechner A390
Davidson DII regular

Lyoubomir Mirtchev:
1 Bora
2 Lechner
3 Tornado
4 Mares
5 Alpha

Julian Del Alamo Montero: 1 f2 sputnik 2 mistral ectasis 3 f2 axxis 4 mistral electrón 5 tencate mirage

Andrea Faré: What the hell is the Astro rock doing up there?

Donald Ferguson: Bic Techno 283 or Bic Astro Rock.

Victor Robleda: Mistral Screamer, shape y construcción.. Yo también tuve una.

Andy Laufer: F2 Sunset!

Lucien van Delst:
1. Kona One
2. Windsurfer LT
3. EXOCET Cross 106
4. EXOCET xwave Pro 92
5. Fanatic ULTRA Boa

Hanno Könn: F2 Comet

Robert Masters: Mistral Equipe V1

Gorazd Brumec: Fanatic bee

Greg Willmott: I liked my fiberglass custom slalom and speed boards the most. Sure the epoxy branded boards are lighter and faster but having board you had a say in the design, color and had your name written on was fantastic

Olivié Lafleur: Tiga Wave; indestructible and ok in waveriding!

Andrea Pangrazi: Of all I would put the original Windsurfer first. All others on equal footing! Otherwise I would have added the Windglider Ostermann to 2nd place, the Mistral Competition epoxy (no Superlight) to 3rd place and the Sailbord Grand Prix to 4th place.

Bruno Giordano: Missing the Mistral Energy and the best all of time…JP SINGLE THRUSTER PRO

Ian Sampson: Screamer for sure but the Energy should be ahead of the Syncro & Electron.

Jeronimo Scalabrin Da Silva
#1 mistral OD
#2 tiga aloha
#3 mistral equipe

Andrew Rowney Where’s the Starboard Acid? That was a great board!

Robert Oosterling: Missing the Big Dufour, you know the one with the dent in the front part.

Grant Simons: Original got to be number 1. Otherwise there would probably be no others

Paul Casier: Missing the RRD MPE!!! Loved that waveboard! Super extrem!!!

Hubert M. Kaltenegger: where is fanatic rush randle ?

Michael Ingbar: If you would only ask “which of these boards do you still own and ride” I’d say # 12 as my best one… But where is my all-time favorite board, the Ultra Cat?

Dick Mosselmann: F2 axxis ..number one for me

Matthias Soeder: I think the Sunset Slalom was the one, that was way ahead of all other boards at that time.

Jim Hollis: let’s see the worst list. I had one made by Obrien…

Danny Geereedhary: For me JP waves (the yellow pre 2000 models) & Maui projects. But I’ve had a few of the boards listed.

James Neilson: In no particular order 1) Bic Vivace

Jerry Defrese: jp freeride tiga 260

Jim DeSilva: In no particular order, Original Windsurfer, Bic Techno, Mistral Equipe, and original Starboard Formula.

Mak Saito: I still sail a mistral synchro, love it. Still have an f2 ride but don’t sail it much anymore compared to my newer board.

Neil J. Brady: I agree with the Starboard Carves. Best boards I’ve ever owned. Wish I hadn’t sold them.

Frans De Man: Why is there not one Tabou board in the list? Rocket was already a classic in 2007.

Eduvino Del Amor: why the ecstasy is not there???

Wilco van Haren: Alpha 130, Tiga 270, Jp slalom 112 en Jp Allride 106

Ian Turner: OMG……who put this list together?

Jörg Wagner: If prototypes are counting I had 8 out of them

Rob Churcher: I’ve still got my WC Sputnik 280 in mint condition

Guillermo Longo: 53rd Fanatic “Racy” Cat, weird

James Erith: Mistral Energy should be there too

Jack van der Laan: Where’s the Mistral Competition (Light) ??

Don Gosselin: Now I know what my problem was, I didn’t have any of those!!

Mark Cotterill: Can’t believe there’s no Vintas .. oops just spotted one

Dan Schlossberg: My Mistral Screamer on the top! But where is my Bic Adaggio?

Jake Busche:  my Mistral Bermuda didn’t even make it on the list

Remco Kes: F2 Sputnik 270 & Tiga 268 slr

Nick Beaney: Tiga Gun the light composite one

Massimo Danese: Bic techno, Mistral flow, Fanatic Jecko, Bic astro rock, Tiga wave, Mistral Mistral wave 260.

Hal Ashman:
1. F2 Axxis 255
2. Mistral Screamer (carbon)
3. Mistral Energy…

Michael Read: Top 4 spot on. I would of had 105 starboard hypersonic top 10 as well .

Marcel van Asten: Copello 265 met een 5.5 mk IV Neil pryde overpowered. In de down wind slalom wedstrijden niet bij te houden!!

Dy Ric Hard: Electric rock!

Sam Thomas: Pete Kohut We both know which board should truly be at the top of this list

Simon Jandrell: Bic Techno what a Legend of a board

Garry Goodwin: I had or still have 5 of the top 10

Joris Linsen: Had 5 of the top 15

Joost Wilbrink: Tiga SLR snelste plastic emmer.. Toentertijd

Giles Hulm: Bic Techno!

Max Zankl: Really surprised that Mistral Screamer and F2 Sunset Slalom are not both among the top 3…

Steve Drake: Screamer at #1

Glenn Young: F2 Axxis

Dy Ric Hard Ed: Copello red line radical wave

Sapina Michel: F2 sputnik 270 forever… or maybe 265… with à tuttle box

Andrey Nikolov Tabou Da CCCCCurve!

Peter Cook: For me, my list of owned boards would read
1. Windsurfer Regatta…

Dy Ric Hard Ed: Bic show

Tasos Lourantos Lechner A 390

Ruaraidh Somerville: Bic techno shouldn’t even be on the list… what a piece of sh*t

Mattias Vos: Missing the Windglider Ostermann.

My first board, allready a classic back in 1989, but i’ll never forget my first love ♥

Jeroen Kuik: F2 Sunset Slalom, my first production slalomboard. Together with the Fanatic Mega Cat, for years my favorite combo.

Neil Phillips: Very happy. I now own a screamer, a flow and a fanatic gecko! Couldn’t afford them at the time !

Tim Montgomery: Alas I’ve had a few… Mistral screamer epic. Bic Bamba great on course. F2 great but could be fragile. Scary amount of boards to have owned. My first. Ten Cate Leaper! Twin fin fatty. Good at jumps. Not much else.

Clive Lindsay: How can a 265 copello be at 53?

Reinier Krijgsman: Mistral taloa?

Gary Bartlett: From the early days:
Windsurfer Rocket 99
Windsurfer Rocket 83…

Jean-paul Feuillade:  Open d2 nothing ????

Bruno Giordano
1 Mistral Diamond Head
2 Windsurfer Ten Cate
3 F2 Comet…

Marc Schot: Fanatic Bee, Fanatic Cat, Windsurfer org, Windglider

Jörg Wagner: Ok voting Mistral Wave 263

Warren Evans: No Pro-Tech boards on the list? Pfft. Still love my All Terrain Cat.

Floris van Nassau: Fanatic Mosquito, Mistral Hookipa, Bic Show. Gamechangers (depending on how old you are)

Jonathan Weston: HiTech Assy not on list. …

Brenda Lee: Still own #3 in 121L and #4 in 85L 🙂

Plamen Yanchev: Depend by the spot…

Stewart Waugh: Taboo Rocket…surely !.

Mitch Cini: Isonic?

Jonathan Weston: Windsurfer LT

Santiago Ratti
1) Mistral Diamond Head
2) F2 Sputnik
3) Bic Rock’n Roll.…

Frank Rietberg: Mistral Competition light, Mistral Screamer, Mistral Electron en de Starboard Acid 70

Massimo Gallorini: E la DROPS BOMBER 265 dove la mettete??

Yann Bertaud: Add the f2 comet, f2 bullet, f2 lightning, fanatic bee, fanatic ultracat, f2 sunset slalom, f2 thommen 295 among a whole bunch of others.

Comments @ OLDSCHOOL WS:

Eduvino Del Amor: so, my mistral edge is the 34th of the history!!! WOW, can’t wait to sail for the first time…

Flash Sail: it makes really no sense letting an olympic board well after a unknown board… what the hell is f2 mistery? and mistral flow ahead of the sputnik? nonsense, I’m sorry

Mark van Osch: Fanatic Mega Cat, my all time favorite!

Vic LeBlanc: I had a 13 lb custom slalom that blew by those…

Eric le Det: Where is the F2 sunset slalom? should be first by a big margin.. i am sure it was the best seller ever..

Robert Masters: A top 100 list without a Mistral Equipe V1 isn’t a proper list. 😉

Peter Bogucki: Three of the top 20 are currently in my garage.

Hanno Könn: F2 Comet yesterday and today

Tom Geddes: Edge all day long for me

Ferdinand Bachinger: total consent with #1 i bought the carbon one in 1989 and still use it. its not an early glider, but i never sailed any other board giving me so much fun, like my screamer did 🙂

Fabio De Cassai: Totally disappointed that a board of olimpic games (WINDGLIDER) is not in the list

Emmanuel Cartailler: Bic Rock&Roll TIGA

Ludvig Hansson:  Where is Klepper 272? Yellow edition.

Bill DiLibero: … Screamer is numero uno! Thanks!

David Rowe: I loved my F2 Sunset Slalom. 30 years ago.

Patrick Guillermo: Windsurfing Hawaii White Lite..LOL

Stephen Coward: Glad to see most of the classic BICs are on the list.

Jeroen Boks: TenCate is missing here

Carel Meijer: Missing my Point Wing: first surfboard I had. A Ten Cate Hunter, the Bic Show, and a Windmill Channel: (needle nose/needle tail no volume at all) a Dutch brand that I was only able to surf once at 9bft, a Surfpartner Wet (and Sky) and my all time favoriete is in the list: the F2 Sunset Slalom.

Laurent Gouaud Tiga 257 vr !!!

Paul Clayton: How can the original windsurfer not be number one. None of these other boards would exist if it wasn’t for the windsurfer

Scott Andersen: Mistral Equipe XR and Fanatic Ultra Cat over the Mega Cat for course racing, Mistral Explosion for its time a great light planning to mid planning board (took big fins an big sails) and the Mistral Electron for its crazy range …

Sandy Marchbank: Mistral superlight

Jas Morris: The JP freestyle wave is an awesome board, but the Windsurfer One Design should always be number 1

Jacques Delahousse: Olivier Delahousse Owned and rode 4 of them. Copello 265 is still in our corsican garage

Roman Breuer: Mistral Screamer, F2 Axxis 255, Mistral Competition of course…

Laurent Gouaud: Bic Rock n Roll

Titus Adrianus: Fanatic Bee, a beauty. Made in Germany. Not China.

Comments @

Ben Proffitt / Windsurfing.TV:  
My owners list: (Well I borrowed a few on long term demo from Boardwise):
-Waler Yepsi – Dads board – first one I tried on!
-Vinta 330
-Dad had an Mistral Pandera
-Tiga 260 – had a little fin before the big.. oh yeah I had made it!! (my first short board)
-Newave 245 – custom from the Owner son. …
-Dad had an Astro rock
-Ultra Cat
-Mistral SLE
-Mistral one design (many)
-Tiga Aloha,
-Mistral Equipe,
-F2 lightning
-Mistral Stinger
-Sputnik 290, 270 – 265
-Bic Rap
-Tiga Bump and Jump 263
-AHD 245
-F2 air (heaviest Freestyle board ever!)
-Jp 245 (F2 one) – Snapped it
-Maui Project 8’4
-Jp – all over them (I got sponsored- snapped 8 in one year!!)
-Fanatic – sponsored
-Quatro – Sponsored
-Simmer – Sponsored
I probably missed a few!

Phil Noden: Tiga 260. I think that was the 3rd board I ever owned. 1st board was a Mistral Competition longboard, Alpha 130F was my 1st shortboard to learn how to gybe , and the Tiga was so radical.

Roger Taylor : sainval vecteur, wayler ypsi, vit sea 292, bic hard rock, fanatic cat, f2 lightning, mistral equipe, mistral hookipa, Tiga wave, f2 wave, mistral screamer, mistral ecstasy, gets a bit hazy after that during the late 80’s…

John Rambo: Copello 265 was an awesome board, no way 53rd!!!

Dan Freeman: Customs hands made last forever years never old always satisfying !?!?

Juan Carlos: Mistral competition,Bic eléctric Rock,Bic hard Rock,tiga 260

John Rambo Gilhespy Mistral energy ??

Geert Leurs Mistral screamer

Cedric Croes Funny how drops isn’t on the list

Damien Nico: Jp speed 45

Greg Tucker: Sputnik

Maciek Rutkowski: Top100 based on what?

Andrzej Kostrzewski: My first Love was Mistral Energizer but definitely my favorite one is Naish 8’11” – still in game…

Anders Wedendahl: What I’m most impressed about is how many of these boards I have actually tried out on the water – close to 50 of these. So many great memories and friends who owned these boards – would be fun to go ride these legends again. I think the Mistral Score and JP Real World Wave stand out for me – great boards!

Max Sjöström: Obviously depends when people started, but surely the first “fun” boards is the important section; like F2 Lightining and F2 Sunset and the Mistral Hookipa etc. Then COBRA made the big step towards really light fun-boards but they were fragile; many made their own customs like me. It was only in the 1990’s that you could buy a desent factory board; Copello or RRD etc. My list would have too many customs 😀

Hans Hermans: The first radical windsurf boards like Mistral Hookipa, Diamond Head and Tarifa, F2 Starlit and Sunset, Klepper S6, those boards were very fragile and when jumping in the waves they could not compete with the quality and strength of the Clarkfoam/polye…

Marco Bal: Starboard Free Formula 158 Wood. It was my first board into the Formula century and had some amazing seasons with it.

Pedro Rodrigues: My first board was the mistral diamond head then i bought a f2 sunset slalom and then the mistral flow and finally the starboard carve witch i still have 2 ate still my first choice board

Marc Timmins: JP freestyle wave original was a board sent from another planet. I had a Screamer as well, but that JP was loads better.

Dave Garvey: Ah the Tiga Wave and Slalom 260 happy memories from my early days. Can’t believe the Astro and Electric Rock made it up so high, shockin lumps of ..

Mike Poole: #39 – JP Wave….I still have my JP Wave 255, much more versatile than the DTL-only purists’ choice, the JP Wave 250, a true classic! Anyone still got one of those…?

Jonny Harrison: 10th, 17th and 24th.. but I’d say the starboard acidwave was decent, missing quarto tempo which is probably one of the best boards I’ve ever ridden..

Hugh Sim: I’ve owned 3 of the top 4. Mistrial screamer is the only one I havent had. But I’ve tried it, and it is still an excellent board!

Tall Paul: My first love.. I owned 3 Tiga Slaloms. Still have my last. Incredibly versatile and fast in everything between F4 and F12  

Dimitris Papazisis: Fanatic ultra boa. By far the best board ever produced

Matt Gelpe: this list are only the youngtimers. In the beginning there have been real iconic boards. Bic Show (first time gliding in straps), Klepper 272 (first broken board). I think many people made the same experiences. …

André Oost: VandenBerg Race Slalom 280 Worldcup edition still own it, its fast, reliable, light

Stanko Pavlica: Nostalgia
F2 Comet light (Limited?)
F2 Sunset Slalom

Mike Wallace: I had the 1st one in the list but didn’t like it very much. Much preferred my customs.

Dominic Drapeau: I discovered short board sailing on my Sunset slalom in the 8O’s but the RRD MPE 74 remains my all time favourite

Paul Olie: Lots of old people reacting to this post!

Tiga Slalom 260, shaper Hughes de Turckheim, fastest production board at the time..59 kmh I think..superfast and supergyber too..

Remi Lafon: Tiga slalom 260 my first fun board
F2 Wave 252 board I used in Maui
Tabou Wave 244 wit hibiscus

Richie Southall: Tiga Wave the one Ben Proffitt had with the Multi Fin with the screw missing

Jonne Terlouw: I had a BIC Techno 293 as my first real board, after that i had a JP Freeride. Of the two, JP was my favorite. I now have a JP Supersport.

James King: No futura yet second hand boards disappear off sites as soon as. I have two boards in the top 10, must have excellent taste.

Alejandro Fierro Vidal: Where’s Mistral Shredder?!!!! Guys with F2axis and Sputniks couldn’t catch up with me and my Shredder.

Stephanos Antoniou: F2 Sputnik the first edition (with Gorbachev) . I still have it in good condition 😄

Rocco Simone: The boards that I prefer and that I have owned: Mistral Screamer 92 l.; F2 Sputnik 275; F2 Sunset Slalom.

Hansen Kim: Must be ancient data. Now EVERYbody worth their salt is sailing Witchcraft!!!

Mark Calway: Mine was a Starboard Carve wood. It was amazing.

Jeronimo Scalabrin Da Silva:
#1 mistral OD
#2 tiga aloha
#3 mistral equipe 2…

Steve Atkinson: Surprised Maui Project only 28th. They were great boards …

Pierre-yves Guilluy: My podium (except homemade custom .. ) Chapter 305 , sodim oversea , bic saxo teritheau.

Nicola Schipani:  F2… Sunset race…

Roger Taylor: Has to be the original screamer – it was so butterly smoooooth –

Jason Juretic: I’d be interested in your view of top 50 Wavesailing locations too?

Alejandro Lara Vanderveen: Miss Alpha brand in this list

Peter Riisberg: Sunset slalom

Ricky Hebdo Is this a joke ?!?? Where is the radical slalom copello?

Chris Sinclair:  BIC vivace and f2 axxis

Philip J DeSouza Jr.: Heres my list 1st Mistrial Explosion XR 2nd f2 Sputnik 3rd bic Techno..

Mike Poole #72 Bic Alto…loved it

Roman Mick: F2 Sunset Slalom

Jeremy Johnson: Shit. I have six of the top ten…. 🙂

Alex Tupinamba:  I loved my seatrend 9.0 World Cup slalom.

David Remaud: Screamer and AHD !the best for me

Holger Niewind: Fanatic Bee, the board that leeds me from staying on a board with a sail in my hand to windsurfing

Stéphane Jammes: Electric rock. Jibe easy, light, super.

Ruud Leuverink: Mistral Energizer xr…

Kurt Pacher-Theinburg:  bic astro rock was cool

Yoann Paul: First AHD 267 exocet Best board ever in the nineties

Mike Campbell: Bic electric rock!

Frederic Hoste: 3 of my (ex)-boards in top 10

Jayno Roady Chanteur: Funny, no Mistral Hookipa

Hans Hermans: Starboard acid 77, Freesex 100, Carve 122….still my favorite quiver

Mark Geary Mead: Electric Rock, fun times!

Giancarlo Padovano: Bic Astro and AHD Free diamond

Luc Kapunkt: learned on the screamer, so the 1st (Y) 🙂

Reinout van Kampen: F2 Starlit

Ivan Belamarić: AHD 280 Diamond race

Ivan Mrnjavac: Ultra mamba

Peter Tapper: Tiga Slalom, AHD Free diamond,

Martyn Kane: Boom! Mistral Screamer. & still on it!

Gerry Chatfield: No tabou and fanatic

Owen Davies:Coppello 266 Redline fastest board ever. Also owned a Drops 269 Freeride about the end of the 90’s. Never saw another one the whole time I owned it. It used to plane in the slightest puff of wind.

Jaime Prohens: F2 ride !

Eric Whittle: Fanatic Rabbit

Vic Forster: I have had 10 of these at one time or another

Patrick HR: f2 sputnik

JO Wind: The 4th

Davide Persechino ❤4
F2 Sputnik (with Gorbachov sailing, painted on the deck)

Giorgio Ghersi: 5 boards I (PROUDLY) owned among the Top15… all unforgettable!

Patrick Lejeune: …. there are quite a few boards I’ve owned & ridden in that list 😉 :
N°1 should be THE one and only WINDSURFER currently re-edited by Naish and Exocet in lighter 15kg versions
N°8 BIC Astro Rock stil here and my wife told me she had rather start windsurfing again on that one than the AHD Freedisamond 70 we also have 😉
N°16 : I still have an AHD Freediamond 70 …
N°14 TIGA WAVE 250
N°72 MISTRAL MALIBU I did my first plannings with into straps
3 other boards I’ve had that could be here :
. TIGA 260
. TIGA 270

Kenneth Morgenstjærne: without any doubt starboard hypersonic still have it, and still use it

Gerben van Sluis: F2 sunset slalom

Paul Davison: Well at least I have sailed 3 of those!

Jean-Laurent Guevara: Fanatic bee, freewave, Tiga wave

Marcus Schmidt: The F2 Sunset Slalom was the best I ever had.

Dean Thornton: #13. Still have it

Chris Phillips: I would like to be good enough to tell the difference between them over and above I don’t fall off big boards as easily as small boards !

Paul Archer: Mistral stinger. Anybody else have one of these?

Chris J Moore: Fanatic Racy Cat, great in light winds, strong winds and oh so fast.

George Dedousis: So my starboard carve was a great choice!

Vincent Moritz: Mistral Energy is not on the list, which makes it a dud (the list that is, a dud. Not the Energy, faster than an eel in a bucket of snot)

Wolfgang Fechner: I am 68 and still have my F2 Axxis and Sunset and still use them.

Bob Schoen: F2 Phoenix 320. Bought my first one new in late 80’s I think. On my third one now. Great board for the lakes.

Dorin Mario Sandici: Starboard iSonic,Starboard Formula.

Carlos Dejesus Liriano: Bic alto

Flo El Aventurero: My 3 boards are in that list…. It is nice to know that but at the same time it makes me realize that I have only old boards…. (That’s what happens when you always buy second hand because new equipment is very expensive!)… Not nice …. (Does it mean I should renew my stock to improve my windsurfing skills?… or it’s just entering again in the vicious game of this consumption society…? )

Rob Charlie Flavell: I’ve owned 3 of the first 4 – All great boards

Hannes Ulmer: I still have a Tiga slalom

Barry Teater: I’m still sailing my Bic Techno 125 twenty years after I bought it. Tough board, surprisingly fast and very easy to jibe. Great board for recreational sailing. I keep trying other new boards, but none has impressed me enough yet to make me give up my Techno.

Jerry Stap: Fanatic Utra Boa

David Vee: bic presto, 1994, big fast and light

Mario Laganà: F2 bullet

Andrew Stanton: F2 axxis. Still use it. Great board

Comments @ Windsurfing FB

Brian Marshall: The only board in this pathetic list that actually re-wrote the rule book was the starboard go….  OK the starboard 156 was an absolute game changer every board from then on was changed due to the vision of Jim Drake…
The best board I’ve ever owned was a 1999 Mike’s lab free wave 105.. That list is what happens when you interview beginner windsurfers…

Bryan Phenix: The Bic 250 was cheap and popularized the sport in some places. Just slightly smaller than the SS Titantic… heavy and slow. But one of the most important from a certain viewpoint.

Martin Lisk: For those of us who snapped many boards, the Tiga Wave 254 and 267 were popular in the 90s, just couldn’t afford buying a new board every month in the Gorge

Brian Marshall:  It said “greatest windsurfing board of all time” not most of economic.

Martin Lisk Best board I had was a 8’4″ Bailey, shape inspired by Lanny Shuler, handled all of the 20+ days at the Hatch, lasted for 3 months, that board flew and slashed

George Elmy: wow Fanatic Bee #5, I had one and loved it, but they did get pretty poor reviews when they first came out

Andreas Burmeister: Fanatic Mega Hawk

Ruaraidh Somerville: Bic techno is shite…

Paul Monnington  – Ruaraidh Somerville it was however a major reason for growth in our sport, particularly through t-15

Ruaraidh Somerville – Paul Monnington it is and was, but it’s still a shit board

Peter Kabrillo:  surprised the boa did not rate higher… I may have to visit the museum for a reunion ceremony… I always wanted the ultra, had to settle for the lite…

Berni Sattler: F2 Sunset Slalom, F2 Sputnik , But where is the Mistral Energy ? It was one of the fastest when i was more active…. It was my favourite. After my Sputnik Limited Edition in Violett

Ryder Ramirez: For value I am going to nominate the Bic 750.

Brian Marshall:  The questionnaire said nothing about value it said “the greatest windsurfing board of all time”!!

Ryder Ramirez – Brian Marshall well I’m creating a sub category.

Miguel Angel Bisbal: Maybe not the best, but at his moment made a difference: Bic Hard Rock

Dean Thornton:  #13 Tiga slalom 280. Still have it.

Jim Martin: Tiga slalom

Rod Mte: Fanatic Bee was awesome when it was launched… And still is, I did well with this board at the Défi Wind race in 2015 even though my old straps broke during a round

Andrew Stanton:  Still got my F2 axxis. Still havn´t replaced it. Best board ever.

Ahmet Senoglu: Mistral Screamer

Baur Alain: I have great memories of F2 Sputnik 272

Bret Perry: Tiga Slalom… Great memories

Philip Snell:  Wind action 170 with the awesome scull on the bottom about 1997 model

🙂 etc……