MACS – Mistral Allround, Competition, Club & Superlight register

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Let’s understand our history Better! 
Let’s identify age of your Mistral COMPETITION/Allround/PE/Epoxy/Light/Superlight/Club/School boards 🙂
Show your silver sticker and join us!

We are trying to decode early m* Serial numbers.
HELP us please – send us an e-mail to your serial number silver stickers & pics of your board tails (pre 1985 boards only)…

!!! Check your daggerboards and other plastic parts, please. Look for a small circle with numbers = “injection mold date code/date time stamps” .. it would help us in our “research”.

P.S: We have collected and we have in our informal register 63 board numbers from 1976 to 1985. The (re)search must go on.
We can send you ESTIMATE of your board production date. Be patient, please, we need more data 🙂 Thanks for your cooperation and data contribution.

Special Thanks to Bart van Heesch and Old school Mistral owners club