SHARK – B016

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Thanks for donation Andrzej Horabik.
Thanks for transport and logistics to Martin Slíva.

Documentation/ Dokumentace: Thanks to Kurt Amsler for the cover page photo, Cor Benjamin for the brochure and to Old School Windsurfers group members for SHARK pics and comments.

That was the 2nd generation SHARK, ´78 after facelift – the model we have in the windsurfingmuseumprague collection.
Now enjoy pics of the 1st generation: 1976(?) -1977

And very rare, original leaflet from our friend and museum supporter Cor Benjamin:

P.S. It is not the longest board ever, but BIG enough…
one, two, three… nine riders wanted! It is not clear if the board is dismountable, but I supposte it is connected from several standard SHARKS…

P.P.S . And 40 years later … the boards in 2/3 pieces are BACK again! (just google: 2 piece SUP, 3 piece paddleboard, SPLIT KITE / SURF board). ORDER NOW!  The latest inventions …

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