Tajný závod 2023

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26. 8 2023, Jesenice u Chebu

THE SECRET RACE 2023 – the 3rd Meeting of the last century sailboards on Jesenice Lake, Czech republic.

TJ Lokomotiva Cheb Jachting supported by the Windsurfing Museum Prague are pleased to invite all fans of old windsurfer to an intimate retro get-together THE SECRET RACE 2023 On Saturday August 26th 2023 get your old windsurfers, windgliders and all other old windsurf animals and head to Jesenice at Cheb. The program is not set yet, but you can definitely look forward to it
* Conversations about old boards, regattas, times
* Circling together on the water – don’t expect or demand a regular regatta
* Beach exhibition of WS Museum and equipment of the participants
* Evening music for dancing and dancing fans
* Bonfire for fire fans
* Old films and photos from the past
* SUP racing (retro windsurfing and modern paddling) and maybe other games to say goodbye to the holidays
* Windsurf simulator for the beginners
* Bar – Bartending – Beer, wine, soda, rum, sausage, goulash, meatloaf, breakfast eggs, etc.
We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing your vintage boards all the way back to 2000. Contemporary accessories and clothing are highly recommended. TJ LOKOMOTIVA Cheb Yachting Shipyard will be open on Saturday from 10am to 7pm for all incoming spectators and visitors. Active participants of the event are allowed to enter the premises and staying there in cars / tents is allowed from Friday 16:00 to Sunday 13:00.
Admission is free, binding registration is not required. To ensure a smooth process, we ask you to participate or Your wish for accommodation (Camping 200 CZK/car/night incl. power connection) register with the organizers at d.koblasa@icloud.com or ws1975@post.cz

www.windsurfingmuseum.eu/tajnyzavod and www.surf-club.cz.