TC 39 – B018

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... until you fly past another sailboard you will not realise how fast it is …
(Ten Cate brochure)

Documentation/ Dokumentace/: Thanks to Larry Stanley, Krisztián Dande, Beer G´la, Graeme Fuller,, Mike Perren, Martin Overbeek, Claudia Pizh / Sardinia Windsurfing museum/, Chris M. Dunstan and to Old School Windsurfers group members for TC 39 comments…

Martin Overbeek on his TC39 /the 1st generation/ on Garda
Chris M. Dunstan on his TC39 /the 2nd generation/ on Lac d’Annecy
TC 39 combo for sale … many years ago 🙁
P.S. The original Ten Cate “Hobby” 4,7 m2 allround sail in our museum collection

T39 is ranked 53rd in the BOARD magazine TOP 100 chart. It is 26. – 37 within the “oldschool – pre 2000 year boards, in top 10 within the old longboards…