MISTRAL NAISH raceboard – B111

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Thanks for Board Donation to Dan Motz
Thanks for documentation / Díky: Petr Vitoň, Dan Motz, Sun Press, Honolulu Advertiser, Yacht & Surf

Danny Motz, Czech windsurf national team rider, arrived to Hawaii in January 1991 to experience the world-class windsurf races. He brought NPU sails and Weichhart masts from his European sponsors, but he needed a raceboard for the course races. Rick Naish personally sold him an older carbon epoxy prototype board *). Danny, 25 years old guy from a small country without the sea, then took part in several races and (a bit surprisingly for the home team) he won two of them: the Aloha State games at Kailua bay and the Pacific Rim Championships at Diamond Head… 29 years later, Danny donated his beloved raceboard to the Windsurfing museum Prague. In 2021 we are celebrating 30 years of Danny´ s Hawaii Tour. Cheers 🙂
*) I believe the board is a direct predecessor of Mistral ´´ 89 or ´ 90 Equipe.

Příběh a výsledky Dana Motze v dobovém havajském tisku: Sun Press a Honolulu Advertiser
Pro české sdělovací prostředky příběh Dana Motze (a jeho Mistral Naish raceboardu) v letech 1991 a 1992 nafotil a podrobně popsal Petr Vitoň, budoucí příznivec našeho musea.