KLEPPER 272 – B099

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Thanks & Credits: SURF magazine, Boards magazine, Javi Lois, Dimitris Savidis (Hitthewave blog) and Old School Windsurfers group members.

Klepper flyer from Javi
Klepper ´´1988 brochure from Dimitris

Reuben Venter: Loved them but no flat landings.. Split two of them at the seems.

Robert Moss
: I had one, snapped the fin box out jump gybing! I was 15 and 70kgs at the time….so they were particularly strong. I think it lasted 3 months.

Christopher Ieda …Watermelon 🍉

Marcus Bohm
 Me, I had one loved it, rails opend had a warranty replacement….

Peter Lewis: Brilliant board-until they fell apart!!3

Annie Gardner: Colorful

Konrad Romer Klepper NPU that was bright amazing colors back then, you needed sunglasses inside the shop

Aart van Kranenburg: Had one, loved the color, broke during surftrip in El Medano. The plugs from the footstraps came loose as well during a jump mid air..

Bram Kloosterman : Yes and that was they end of the story for Klepper ….

Test Boards 10/2004