FANATIC BEE 274 (98) – B319

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Documentation / Dokumentace: Thanks: Jakub Polesný, SURF, American windsurfer , Dimitris Savidis (Hitthewave blog) and Old School Windsurfers group members.

Comments from oldschoolwindsurfers group:

Olav Cramer: got the same Bee. You’ll love the newer, smaller wider boards, but this one’s a pretty smooth, sweet ride as it is, although I sink it most of the time at 100 kg…..

Matt Innes-Wilkin:  After many years of sailing my old bee I can’t complain at all. Just had a modern board off a friend, can’t fault it, but no miracles to transforming my sailing. .. Only thing worth checking is would a new board be lighter than the model you’ve currently got. Happy sailing.

Craig H. Rial: Classic lake sailing environment. Always a good thing.

BEE is ranked the 5th in the BOARD magazine TOP 100 chart. It is 2. within the “oldschool – pre 2000 year boards.

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