B318 – SLE 70

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Mistral SLE 270 (*1997). Addicted to SPEED. Another Young Gun in our family. Robby's choice - Custom-Made Technology, Width 52.4cm, Weight 5.8 kg. * SLE 270 (*1997). Dar našeho prezidenta Marka Rašky a mnoho dalších a starších krasavic a krasavců na vás čeká v naší expozici

Dokumentace/Documentation: Thanks Konrad Romer for cats and Old School Windsurfers group members for pics and comments…

Mistral 1998 cat.
American windsurfer 1999 review


Konrad Romer: “ …The Golden Times of Windsurfing, the Mistral SLE, if they let you, you could buy one for 2 months sallary. ..“

REVOR HIBDIGE: ….We all know that some old school kit outperforms modern and Mistral made an orange ISAF Funboard Cup race board in 1998 and we have the SLE 78 and it still is up there with the fastest and upwind is almost unbeatable...

n Trautmann I sail one still and I am still faster than any of the new boards